Ecotax in France

Ecotax in France

Having postponed  the “Ecotax” originally planned for implementation last month until 1st January 2014, the French Government has now postponed this indefinitely. Originally, all trucks over 3.5t carrying domestic or international movements in France were to be subject to a new environmental levy “Ecotax” in addition to the tolls currently payable on motorways and at bridges and tunnels.

This would have affected all goods transported in vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. The charge was not going to be applicable on motorways and national highways where users currently pay road tolls, but would have applied to toll free roads.  In addition, certain local roads may have been eligible for the charge. It was predicted that this would have added an average cost of 1 Euro per 8km.

This change of heart is a welcome development for Supplychain21’s customers who export through the French ports. Whilst the French government has pointed out that a postponement is not a cancellation of the policy, it is now unclear whether it will ever be implemented.

Supplychain21 continues to work hard to resist increases in price from our suppliers and to hold down costs for our customers. If you would like us to help use our network to reduce your haulage costs, please contact us at or on 01858 451781

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