Ecotax in France

Ecotax in France

From 1st October 2013, all trucks over 3.5t carrying domestic or international movements in France will be subject to a new environmental levy “Ecotax” in addition to the tolls currently payable on motorways and at bridges and tunnels.

The implementation will affect all goods transported in vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. The charge is not applicable to motorways and national highways where users currently pay road tolls, but will be applicable to toll free roads.  In addition, certain local roads may be eligible for the charge.

All vehicles above 3,500 kgs have been placed in to categories according to the number of axels and engine type.

An average cost of 1 Euro per 8km is predicted based on current mix of vehicle and engine types.

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland are the main countries to be affected by this as any goods transported through France will have to pay.

It looks like the imposition of the levy will affect a number of Supplychain21’s customers who export through the French ports.

Supplychain21 continues to work hard to resist increases in price from our suppliers and to hold down costs for our customers. If you would like us to help use our network to reduce your haulage costs, please contact us at or on 01858 451781

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