Fairer Deal for UK Hauliers

Fairer Deal for UK Hauliers

Prior to April this year foreign truck drivers could use the roads, pick up Business in the UK and return to the continent without paying for fuel or contributing towards road maintenance. To help promise a fairer deal for UK hauliers the coalition introduced in April this year the HGV Road User Levy which affects all hauliers who drive trucks of 12 tonnes. It has brought in over 17 Million GBP from foreign hauliers. Research has shown that the new legislation is particularly effective and that 95% of HGV drivers are paying the levy and the DVSA are tackling the other 5%.

Other measures which have been put in place to help benefit UK hauliers include: freezing the HGV excise duty, reducing the duty paid on standard diesel and more investment in road schemes to help improve capacity and streamlining strategic road networks.

Supplychain21 uses a combination of UK and Non UK hauliers to continues to give customers excellent service and competitive prices. If you would like us to help use our network to reduce your haulage costs, please contact us at mail@supplychain21.com or on 01858 451781.

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