London Gateway

London Gateway

The new London Gateway container port is nearing completion and is set to transform port options for businesses exporting from the South East who had previously shipped out of Felixstowe. The port will have the best tidal window access for deep-drafted vessels and a capacity of 3.5m TEUs per annum.

There will be six berths and the capability to handle the Ultra Large Container Ships and the terminal will have automated container handling systems and controls. The port is designed to provide significant improvement in handling speeds, which will provide a significant reduction in the time spent in port. Automated stacking will reduce the vulnerability to adverse weather conditions.

Adjacent to the port will be Europe’s largest logistics park and this will be fully integrated with the port. This will provide savings in transport costs and benefit the environment by removing unnecessary transport movements and ‘empty’ miles for container transport and delivery vehicles. Speed to market will also be dramatically improved.

Supplychain21 expects to be routing sea containers for a number of our customers via London Gateway, and this should result in savings opportunities although it will only be when the port becomes operational that these can be fully understood. It also remains to be seen how Felixstowe will respond to the competition, but generally this should all be positive for customers.

 Supplychain21 is able to help its customers achieve competetive costs by working with a number of shipping lines and agents to optimise prices, availability and performance.If you are interested in our services, please contact us at or on 01858 451781

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