New rules for Transport Control Documents in Spain

New rules for Transport Control Documents in Spain

From 5 July 2013, the Spanish authorities updated their legislation incorporating the CMR Convention into Spanish law. The change requires that VAT numbers are included with the details of parties involved in a CMR transport. Spain will only accept a CMR Consignment Note as a transport control document ifit contains the information below:
  • NAME or NAME, and NIF: (See Company Details below)

a) The sender. In Spanish this is translated as the contractual loading company (the one who contracts directly with the shipper). b) the carrier.

No need to state: The name or title, address and tax identification number of the recipient consignee (but recommended if known).

c) Place of origin and destination of the goods. d) The nature and weight of the goods transported. e) Date of completion of transport (effective date). f) Registration of the vehicle used in transport (tractors and semitrailers or trailers). g) Other comments or reservations if requested by the persons involved in the transport.

Two copies will be required, one of which is to be held by the carrier and taken on board the vehicle during the transport concerned.

Spanish entities involved in the relevant trade will have to keep a copy of the control document available for scrutiny by the Inspectorate of Transport Terresetre, for at least one year.

The shipper and the carrier will be jointly responsible if the control document is not completed.

If a copy of the document is not carried on board the vehicle, the contractual shipper will have to prove that the document was issued to be exempt from liability.

The contractual shipper will be liable for the inaccuracy or error in the information specified in paragraphs a), b), c), d) and g).

The effective carrier will be liable for the inaccuracy or lack of information as specified in paragraphs e), f) and g).

It is unclear as to the degree to which the Spanish authorities will enforce compliance with visiting hauliers , but the law allows for a fine of up to EUR 1001 for failure to comply.

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