Weight restrictions on containers imported to Vietnam

Weight restrictions on containers imported to Vietnam

Some of our customers export into Asian markets and will be interested in a new development in Vietnam. The government has implemented a new law which limits the total weight for 20′ and 40′ containers to 20 tonnes including the tare weight of the container. The legislation restricts on road transport movements to and from the port of arrival or departure in Vietnam. It is expected that this will be strictly enforced using  mobile weighbridges which have been deployed on across Vietnam

This will have implications for all drinks imports to the country as 20ft containers will usually weigh in at 21 – 22t plus the weight of the container itself, and of course 40ft containers can be heavier. The legislation will therefore force fill quantities to be reduced and unit costs per case will rise as a result. The party stuffing the container is responsible to ensure the weight complies with the leglisation.

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