Container ship reliability

Container ship reliability

Research on the reliability of container ships in sticking to their published schedules has shown that fewer lanes ran to time in 2013 than in the previous year, with a 1.1% decrease in timeliness. Overall more than 1 in 5 ships are now missing their scheduled arrival times.

Supplychain21 has seen the affects of this on several occasions recently where bad weather has caused delays for vessels due to arrive in the UK with knock on effects for arrivals at their destinations. In a couple of extreme cases vessels have even missed out the UK as a stopping point or have decided not to call at the booked destination port, forcing containers into transhipment with further delays.

Whilst Supplychain21 can not be immune to this global issue, we can review line performance and look to advise customers that best price is not always best service, and of course we will always keep are customers informed of any notified changes to sailing or arrival times.

If you would like to try our service, please contact us on 01858 451781 or on and we would be delighted to quote.



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